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6 December
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Gah, do you really want to know? OK, ok, let's see- me- A random year 11 stoodent who doodles in lessons and makes random jokes about pies and equally inane stuff.

I'm another one of those Japanimation-obsessees who tries to copy the style, finds it too hard and then goes back to cartoon-ing the western way. When I grow big, I want to learn Japanese and fly over and set up a studio and animate the most kickass anime films in the universe, and the titles to all my movies would make sense in English (At the mo, there's a manga called Get Backers...C'mon people! Lets give the English language a chance!)

I like a pretty big range of music, anything from Norah Jones to Metallica to The Polyphonic Spree to The Darkness, and lurve going to gigs and being submerged in the Sweaty Moshpit of Death and Moshing.(Yeah, I'm a Pit gal.) I'm also a huge Eddie Izzard fan. Cats drilling behind sofas. Yay.

I spent a good two hours every day on the internet.

My brother died on the 23/10/03 in a car accident. I miss him.

If you want to chat or e-mail me or whatever, I'm always open for talking.